2020 Tax Season Protocols

Screen sharing virtual meeting


We have made changes at CTA for this tax season to make our office environment as safe as possible this tax season during the pandemic.
• We will keep our doors locked to provide social distancing for clients in the reception area.
• Masks will be worn by all CTA personnel and clients while clients are in the office.
• Entrance into the office will be by appointment only (to avoid multiple people in the office at the same time).
• We will not be conducting any meetings at the time of document drop off.
• We will meet to review completed returns by appointment only. These appointments will be significantly spaced to allow time to sanitize the area between client visits.
• We will communicate by email, portal upload, telephone/screen share, or zoom

CTA provides several options for you to deliver your information to us.
US Mail -- you may send us your tax information via US Mail. Please send it to our PO BOX
PO Box 238
Kingsville, MD 21087

Unless you advise us to the contrary, we will return your tax return and original information to you via USPS Priority Mail. We request tracking information on each package sent so we get notified that you received the package.
We pick up the mail before the Post Office opens so please do not send requesting a signature for receipt.

You can use the Priority Mail tracking too.

Fax – 410.297.0042

Mail slot -- for Drop off

Upload to Smartvault --- We accept file formats including “doc, xls, pdf” Please convert picture files (such as JPEG or PNG) to PDF and please remove all passwords from files uploaded (passwords not needed -- it is HIPAA and GLB compliant). See the video on our website if you need additional information on how to use our secure SmartVault portal.

Tax Form Dropoff This is a new service. Intuit established it to help save you time getting me your tax-related documents this tax season. If you are interested, please call and we can email a link so you can take a look at Tax Form Dropoff. Tax Form Dropoff is a website that lets you send tax-related financial data to me directly from your online financial institution accounts. This saves you the time of mailing, faxing, or physically bringing the documents to me and it is 100% accurate. I honestly do not know how much time it will save the first year as the set up will take time. However, one set up, it could be a real time saver. Additionally, I assume we will be notified if amended statements are sent out a second time.

Screen share meetings – By appointment only. We have the technology to share our screen with you. This enables us to safely meet virtually and review your tax return or tax planning opportunities.
In office meeting -- By appointment only. We set up a desk and a computer screen by the door. This allows us to be in the same room yet keep an appropriate social distance. We can safely share our computer screen to review documents online or hard copies at the desk.

We have established firm-wide business processes that allow varies people to access our tax information as needed. A significant amount of information is sent to Tom and CTA personnel have access to his email and voice mail which enables them to obtain the information needed to prepare returns and financial statement. During tax season, all communications should be sent to us through our business channels
Voice 410.592.2588 or our direct DID # ONLY – NO CELL PHONES PLEASE
Fax 410.297.0042
Email: [email protected]
Text: Not at all
Cell phone pictures: Cannot be accepted unless converted to PDF.

This is not our preferred way of doing business. We enjoy the personal interaction with our clients However, your safety and the staff’s safety supersede everything else. We look forward to the day we can once again meet face to face and get updates on your families, discuss life plans, and see smiling faces.


Covid 19 office policies